Dogscars 2017: Red Carpet Gala

Tonight ‘marks’ the 2017 red carpet event: the Dogscars.  Although there are many categories:


everydog is looking forward to see who takes a stroll down the

Red Carpet

red carpet to collect the Golden Hydrant.

Golden Hydrant

Predictions are running wild.  Leading the pack in the newcomer category is GEOrGE, the Golden Land Shark.  Is he in it to win it with his action packed documentary: “Dawn Breaks Over LaSalle Bridge” featured here?


GEOrGE’S housemate, Ainsley McKenna, no stranger to the carpet herself, is starring in “Ainsley Meets Dr. Meow”: a blockbuster role exploring the feline intellect.

Ainsley MCKenna and Dr Meow.

 Two Lifetime Achievement awards in memoriam to be given tonight will recognize Ruffles de Scottie and Angus Fala for their vast contributions in the fields of medicine, exploration, and education. They are shown below prior to crossing the Bridge.

Angus Fala in Tulsa

Ruffles de Scottie

Another one to watch is the “Girl vs. Squirrel” series with Ficelle Coutard in the leading role.  We would include the clip but Mom doesn’t know how to get it to FB to here.  Take our word, it’s a fast paced suspense thriller…not to be missed.  See ya at the concession stand. ~  Indy and Lucy

Week In Review


We got mail this week.  First was a Soldier Hedgehog.

Soldiere hedgehog

Of course, Indy loved it.


We also got a lovely Scottie ornament from our friend Barbara Gibson.

Scottie ornament

The sunny days made for some lazy napping.


It felt like spring with the 80s temperatures.  The Bradford Pear tree burst into full bloom; Mom cleaned out the garden beds and Dad raked leaves.

Bradford Pear 2017

Keep It Simple. ~ Indy and Lucy

Presidential Scottie: Barney Bush

Last year, we had a blog on Presidential Scotties but this year we want to focus on our fave: Barney Bush.  Although we loved Miss Beazley, we thought Barney was the true “First Dog.”


Barney was born Sept. 30, 2000 in New Jersey and lived there before he came to his best known address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC where he resided with his parents, George and Laura Bush.  He was joined there by his niece, Miss Beazley and cat, India (Willie,aka).  None required Senate confirmation.

Bush Scotties

Barney loved to play volleyball.

Barney Bush

Often Miss Beazley would join him.

Barney and Miss Beazley

He was particularly fond of chasing golf balls on the chipping green.

Barney Bush

Barney fiercely guarded the South entrance to the White House and was on constant alert for White House staffers bearing treats.

Barney Bush

When the President and First Lady spent time at their ranch home, Barney enjoyed fishing with his Dad and was reported to be a avid armadillo hunter.

Barney Bush

Barney Bush

His most notable role occurred in the filming of 11 White House videos: Barneycam.  In these, both canines and Willie took us on Christmas and garden tours of the White House.

Barney Bush

Miss Beazley Bush

President Bush said Barney was a grand diplomat mingling with Queens and Heads of State without ever jumping on their laps.  He was a regular presence in the Oval office.

Bush White House

Barney Bush

Barney Bush

There was an incident with a reporter being bit but considering the media; most likely, it was justifiable.

Barney Bush

Sadly at 12 1/2, Barney, after a battle with lymphoma was called to the Bridge, Feb.1, 2013. Miss Beazley followed him approximately a year later.  Both are honored with a bronze sculpture in the George Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas.  Proud to be a Scot ~ Indy and Lucy #laurawbush #thebushcenter

Home Again, Home Again

After the tests at MDA Mom had wanted to go to the Museum of Natural Science but a nap got in the way.  She did rally for Valentine’s trip to Pappadeaux though.  Yes, they ate there 4 times in two different cities but hey, that kind of menu is not available in landlocked Oklahoma.

Pappadeaux Houston

Pappadeaux Houston

After the seafood feast, Dad got this: Praline Cheesecake.

Pappadeaux Houston

On Wednesday Mom went to see her radiation oncologist, Dr. Komaki, for test results.  The CT scan showed no sign of recurrent cancer in the area that received radiation 7 years ago.  There is an area of cells they are referring to as hyperplasia which were on the original scan in 2009 but have slightly increased in number since then.  Presently, the cells are too small to even biopsy so they watch them from scan to scan in order to treat if necessary.  We go back in 6 months.

Cell Graphic

After the doctor, we headed back to Dallas.

Sam Houston

See you in August Mr. Houston.

Indy and Lucy

We stayed in the same place we always do.  It was getting a facelift though and we got a new suite on the top floor.

A celebration dinner was in order at; well, you know.

Pappadeaux Dallas

Mom ordered her new fave: Greek salad.

Pappadeaux Dallas

She also tried the grilled shrimp and cheese grits with Andouille sausage and corn in a Creole butter.  Another fave was born.

Pappadeaux Dallas

The next morning we packed our bags for home.

Bridge over Red River

We crossed the Red River entering Oklahoma.  Dad stopped at the Army base in McAlester to look for some boots.  It was a pretty cool place.

Antler Christmas TreeIndy and Lucy

We also want to thank our friend Leah McIntosh for our wonderful cookies and toys when we visited Houston.Presents from Leah

Thanks for keeping our Mom in you thoughts and prayers. ~ Indy and Lucy

Be Our Valentine

We are here in Houston for Mom’s cancer check ups at MD Anderson.  She had a CT scan this morning at the crack of dawn…no wait, it was still dark when we dropped her off.  Two hours later the skies opened up, and it poured down rain.  Mom was a little damp when we went back to get her.  Dad has promised Valentine dinner for tonight but we didn’t hear our names mentioned. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there.


We luv ya ~ Indy and Lucy

Road Trip


When I first begin a trip, I always feel a little apprehensive.


Sister gives me a pep talk and by the time we hit the highway, I am usually fine.  We are excellent travelers and sleep most of the time.

Indy and Lucy

We traveled to Dallas to see the Scottie pup of our friends DD and Diane Lewis.


He was awesome cute although his big brother Duff was undecided.

Duff and Prince

Later Mom and Dad went to dinner at Mom’s favorite restaurant.


Mom had this: crispy salmon, grilled shrimp and oyster on sautéed spinach. It was delish.


Oh and some oysters on the half shell.  Don’t forget to share the love; tomorrow is Valentine’s day. ~ Indy and Lucy