Homeward Bound

On the remaining leg of our journey, we went through Decorah, Iowa, home of the Decorah Eagles.  We have been here before but still wanted to take a quick look.

Decorah, Iowa

We didn’t see Mom or Dad but you could see eaglet activity in the nest.

Eagle nest, Decorah, Iowa

As we traveled though the small towns, all were dressed in red, white, and blue for Memorial Day events.


You remember the last year when we were in Clear Lake, Iowa we stopped to see the site of the plane crash in which Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper were killed in 1959.  This time we got to see the Surf Ballroom, the place of their final performance.

Clear Lake, Iowa

Sun Ballroom

The ballroom opened in 1948 after the original Surf Ballroom located across the street( circa 1933) burned in 1947.  Both have offered music and dancing from the Big Band era to present day.Surf Ballroom

The Surf Ballroom was fashioned after a south seas beach club.  The maple dance floor, 6,300 square feet, was built to resemble an outdoor patio.  The ceilings were dark as a midnight sky.  The promenade and booth seating area( for up to 894 people) look as if they are located under a  awning cabana roof with painted murals acting as an outdoor view.

Surf Ballroom

Surf Ballroom

Most things are unchanged at the Surf:  the stage, the booths, dance floor, coat check, and phone booth; all are the original.  Tributes to all who have played the Surf are displayed.

Surf Ballroom

Surf BallroomSurf BallroomSurf BallroomBut none more so than the three who made their final performance on this stage.

Stage at Surf BallroomYou can feel the history of rock and roll.

Surf BallroomSurf BallroomIndeed he does as a major influence on other popular music artists that began to emerge in the 60s including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Elton John.

Indy and Lucy, Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa

What do you mean ‘We ain’t nothing but a hound dog.’  Happy Trails ~ Indy and Lucy

 Coming to you from the Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa

The Long Cut

Sadly we had to leave Door behind for another year.

Blue Horse cottage, Fish Creek,WI

We cut diagonally across Wisconsin to reach Ferryville, WI on the bluff of the Mississippi River.  We stopped at Lynxville at The Dawg House for fish and chips before ending at our destination for the night.

Dawg House, Lynxville, WI

Perched on the Great River Road, the Grandview Motel was just that…a grand view.

Ferryville, WI

Ferryville, WI

All nine rooms faced the river.  What a gem.

Ferryville, WI

Grandview, Ferryville, WI

You cannot beat the personal touches of independent businesses.

Ferryville, WI

Mississippi River at Ferryville, WI

Early the next morning, we were on the road again.  Rather than drive to Prairie du Chien to cross the Mississippi, we decided on Lansing which was closer.

Road HomeWe crossed this on Saturday before the collapse a few days later.  Across the river though is…

Iowabut a story for another day.  Hang on…we are almost home. ~ Indy and Lucy

Rainy Days In Door


We had our share of cool temps, clouds and sprinkles this year.  We always take advantage of these days to….Shop.  Besides, the skies can clear in the blink of an eye.

Love Verna

Naturally we headed to our favorite pet place to get a couple of more toys and see our friend Verna.

Hwy 42

We stopped in here for some treats.

Cherries Rule, Door County

Cookies were in order at

Sister Bay, WI

Funky Cookie

Later, Mom and Dad took a trolley ride.  Mom had been wanting to do this for years.


The route took them through Peninsula Park and although they have been there many times, the guide was very informative.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

 Eagle Bluff Lighthouse was paid a visit.

Door County Blooms

The Moravian Church

Moravian Church, Ephraim, WI

Old schoolhouse and pioneer cabin

Pioneer house and schoolhouse, Ephraim, WI

How cute is this…

Ephraim, WI

Anyway, it was a fun filled day even though the weather conditions were less than stellar some of the time.  ~ Indy and Lucy

Door County Dining Guide for Hoomans

There are so many excellent restaurants in Door County.  We like to try a few new ones each year as well as revisit favorites.   For breakfast, we love the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek.  Famous for their cherry stuffed French toast, I particularly like the hash browns.

White Gull Inn, Fish Creek, WI

The Blue Horse Café directly in front of our cottage has a great view, delicious coffee, tasty sandwiches and bakery items.  We eat here often.

Blue Horse Cafe, Fish Creek, WI

Macready Artisan Bread Company in Egg Harbor is a new place for us.  The sandwiches and breads are soooooo good.  It is a must stop.

Macready Artisan Bread Co

Bayside Tavern, Fish Creek, WI

The Bayside Tavern in Fish Creek is just right up the street from where we stay.  Since we usually arrive late afternoon, it’s the perfect place to have a burger and beer.  Our favorites are the cheeseburger with fries and the Rueben sandwich.  We also met our friends here when they arrived.

Sister Bay, WI

We were delighted to dine at the new location in Sister Bay of an old favorite, Chop.  The steaks are flawless and the carrot cake?  You will never have better.  They also have an Early Dining Menu for three courses at a bargain price.  We brought our friends back here later.

Dinner at the Chop

Pasta Vino, an Italian restaurant owned by the same family as the Chop and Lure, was a new experience this year.  It relocated from Baileys Harbor to Sister Bay into the building previously occupied by the Chop.  The chicken parmesan was delish.

Sister Bay, WI

Our favorite for 2017 though was the Glidden Lodge in Sturgeon Bay.

Donny's Glidden Lodge, Door County

It had everything: cozy atmosphere, a view, great food, reasonable price, and impeccable service.

Donny's Glidden Lodge, Door County

Soup and salad bar are included with every entrée and specials are available in addition to the menu.  The filet mignon was superb.

Donny's Glidden Lodge, Door CountyDonny's Glidden Lodge, Door CountyDonny's Glidden Lodge, Door CountySister Bay, WILure in Sister Bay is our seafood place.

Sister Bay, WI

Cocktail are a delight too.

Cocktails at the Lure, Sister Bay, Wi

Whifefish almondine is a fave although the menu includes chicken and steak dishes.  Like its sister restaurants, Chop and Pasta Vino, early bird dining is available.

Whitefish almondine, Lure, Sister Bay

Kangaroo Lake

We were able to meet our friends, Larry and Mary Lauber at the Coyote Roadhouse on Kangaroo Lake near Baileys Harbor for dinner one evening.  We have stopped here on numerous occasions for refreshments and food.  We recommend cheeseburgers, reubens, and the ribs so far. LOL.

Wilson's, Ephraim, WI

Our last night we caught a burger and a basket at Wilson’s in Ephraim.  We have been here often for their root beer floats.  Since we still had to pack for the journey home, we stopped in for a quick bite.

Ephraim, WI

Burger in a basket

Baileys Harbor

There are some we didn’t have time to revisit such as the Harbor Grille here and many more we have yet to try… Shoreline, Fireside, Bier Zot, you are on our list. ~ Indy and Lucy’s Mom #inmyhumbleopinion #wimpymustbemymiddlename #hamburgersrule


Driving Door

After breakfast at the White Gull Inn….

White Gull Inn, Fish Creek, WI

we took everyone on a road tour of Door County.  First stop was Anderson Dock in Ephraim.

Anderson Dock

Lesley Connor, David Jones, Wendy Appleby, Wendy’s Mom: Cellie, Mark Jay and Karen Parks…a motley crew indeed.

At Anderson DockYou will notice in the group pic that someone has already graffitied our graffiti.

Indy and Lucy, Anderson Dock

Mom takes a picture of us here every time we are in Door.  Next we continued to Gills Rock and Death’s Door or Porte des Mortes,  a strait linking Lake Michigan and Green Bay.  Remember, we took a boat ride here last year.

Gills Rock, WI

Indy and Lucy, Gills Rock

Mom also stopped at Gills Rock Pottery and bought this gorgeous wine cooler depicting Door County…a perfect remembrance.


Gills Rock Pottery

Gills Rock, WI

Door County is abound with unique shops.  We then drove the winding road…

Twisty road

to the ferry to Washington Island.


Down the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula we went and stopped at Seaquist Orchard to view the beautiful cherry trees in bloom and help the local economy.

Seaquist Orchards


Seaquist Orchards

After a pit stop at Coyote Roadhouse for refreshments, we made plans to meet for dinner later.  More tomorrow. ~ Indy and Lucy

Coyote Roadhouse, Kangaroo Lake, Door County

Door By Water

Door County from a boat is a whole different perspective.  We connected with Fish Creek Scenic Tours for a ride on the Quo Vadis to check it out. (last spring’s photo)

Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours

The weather was foggy when we began…looking quite the bit like Scotland.

Fish Creek, WI

Mary and Stewie

Stewie Lauber was secured by his life jacket and his mom, Mary.


Our route took us out past the Eagle bluff and light house before returning home by Millionaire’s Row.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse


Our guide, Jesse, kept us informed along the way.

Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours

Some of the crew are pictured here.

Millionaire's Row, Fish Creek, WI

The haze had lifted by the time we returned to Alibi Dock.  (Please note we are absent from the photos.  Mom said, next time) ~ Indy and Lucy #feelingmiffed

Door County Scottie Parade

The streets of Baileys Harbor are lined with people awaiting the Parade of Scots.

Parade pipers

Clan Donald arrives to lead the parade.

SLSTR girls and float

Scots gather to begin the parade route into Baileys harbor, WI.

Clan Donald leading the parade

Connie, Deb and Kathy starting out on the parade route

Indy and Lucy DCSR parade

Here we are.  Mom is riding the truck.

Scottie Parade


Round the corner and down the hill into town,

Clan Donald leading the parade through Baileys Harbor, WI

the pipers played on.

Baileys Harbor awaits Scottie Parade

The residents and tourists in Baileys Harbor always give us a warm welcome.


and then it is back to rally headquarters for lunch, workshops, auctions, games and fun. ~ Indy and Lucy

Barn Hunt

The barn hunt is one of the most anticipated events by Scotties at the Door County Scottie Rally.  Ainsley McKenna proved to be a natural at her first attempt.

Ainsley at DCSR barn hunt

The nervy rat taunted the Scots and

The Rat

the hunt was on as Brother faced off the rat in the arena.



Indy Barn Hunt

Our friend Dougall and his staff were also anxious to give it a try.

Karen and Dougall

His hooman proved to be a natural too.  BOL ~ Indy and Lucy


Photos compliments of Candid Canines Photography

Door County Scottie Rally 2017

When the third weekend in May rolls around, it’s time for the Door County Scottie Rally in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.Door County Scottie Rally

This year we had a pirate theme.

DCSR Pirates

Despite the threat of rain and cold temperatures, the rally remained undaunted.

Friday Rally Day...me

Mom (photo by Mary Lauber).

Workshops and speakers DCSR

The Terrier Tech tent housed some of the workshops you could participate in if you liked.

Sat. schedule of events at Rally

Although FB puts us in touch with many Scottie people, the rally presents opportunity to meet them in person, old and new.  We are always glad to see our friends from Saint Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue.  They work tirelessly year round for the good of Scotties.


Mary and Kim at Scottie Rally with Stewie and Ainsley

Mary Lauber and Stewie welcome Kim Studstill and Ainsley McKenna to this year’s rally.( photo by Catman Studstill)  Ainsley turned out to be a champ rat hunter.  She’s already made her reservation for next year.  Rats Beware.

Tracie and Lucy

Tracie Lange is my new BFF. She has been a friend of our FB page and looked us up while at the rally.  She took good care of me while Mom and Dad watched Brother take part in the barn hunt and earth dog activities. (photo borrowed from Tracie Lange)

Lynn, me and Beril at DCSR

Although we have known Australian Beril Murray for several years, Mom got to meet Lynne Spencer of Rocky Creek Farms for the first time.  Mom says a visit to Rocky Creek is on her bucket list. (photo by Jason Rhodes)

Kathy, Deb and Connie at DCSR

We love our Wisconsin friends, Kathy, Deb and Connie.  It was Deb and Kathy’s first rally.  They had a blast.  You remember, we stopped to see them in Tomah before continuing to Door County.


Around Scottie headquarters,  you could make a step stone,

Memory Stone workshop at Scottie Rally

visit the pet psychic,

Pet Psychic DCSR

get a massage like Ainsley here,

Ainsley getting a massage

or rest for a bit in the Rainbow Bridge Memorial garden, one of Mom’s favorite places.

Rainbow Bridge at DCSR

Rainbow Bridge at DCSR

Rainbow Bridge at DCSR

 The rally is also a  benefit for the heath and rescue of Scotties and monies raised through donations, auctions, and raffles go to this purpose.

Scottie Rally

In the silent auction, Mom won the pictures by Kate Wood and Elena Adam which were  donated in the memory of Ruffles de Scottie.

DCSR Auction

DCSR Auction

Friday evening ended with Brother winning the Rum Runner race and reclaiming his title of “Fastest Scottie”.  Too bad they don’t have a ‘fetch contest’; I would win it paws down. Woof! ~ Lucy

Door Dog Dayze

This is a replacement for the other blog entry.  For some reason, the pictures never loaded.  The wifi signal was very weak and Mom finally gave up on trying to post.

Indy and Lucy

One of the first things we do upon arrival is check out all our favorite spots such as the marina in Fish Creek.


Since we were in Fish Creek, we paid Sunset Beach a call.

frank Murphy County park,Door County

Frank Murphy county park close to Egg Harbor is practically deserted at the time of year we visit.


I keep on high alert anyway.


Sister, not so much.

Indy and Lucy, Door County, WI

On our way to Charlie’s Smokehouse in Gills Rock for some smoked salmon, we thought this looked like a good place for a tea party.

Indy and Lucy, Anderson Dock

Naturally, we stopped at Anderson Dock in Ephraim and

David, Indy and Lucy, Egg Harbor

the marina in Egg Harbor.

Indy and Lucy, Baileys Harbor, WI

We always take a walk on the pier at Baileys Harbor,

Lucy, Baileys Harbor, WI

sit on a bench and look back at the village.

Baileys Harbor, WI

Great way to spend a day, huh?  Bark at you later. ~ Indy and Lucy