What’s App?

It’s been a while since we have played with apps.  Mom saw a new one the other day called TinType by Hipstamatic.  It is a filtering tool that ages photos.  It reminded Mom of going to Six Flags over Texas with her cousins long ago, visiting a photo booth where you put on old clothes and your pictures were printed on tin.  Good times!


Aged Scot.




Mom was not too impressed although it was fun to experiment.  She liked the ones of Dad at a Civil War Reenactment best.


Super simple to use though.  Just select the picture and the app does the rest of the work or utilize the editing tool.  You can send your final photo straight to Instagram or save to your camera roll.


It is probably best for portraits.  You notice that the only focused area is in the middle of each picture and the rest is faded. Mom said three stars. ~ Indy and Lucy


A Narrow Escape


Yesterday we were having a photo shoot in the rocking chairs on the front porch.  The chairs have wire seats and usually have pillows on them but since it’s still early spring, Mom had not put them out.

Rocker seat

After we were finished, Mom turned to go back in the house and she saw me jump from the rocker and all of a sudden I flipped over and was caught hanging by my toe nail and crying.  Mom said 3 HBO words in a row.  Dad rushed past her to save me.  He inspected my foot and kissed it.  There was no damage; I didn’t even limp but it sure was scary.  Mom was traumatized.  She held and petted me the rest of the day.  Needless to say I was….

St. Patrick's cover

A lesson learned. ~ Indy and Lucy

Indy and Lucy

Week In Review

It’s been an uneventful week at the homefront.  Brother had to go in for his “annuals”.  He had an excellent report.  Dad said he displayed exemplary behavior in the waiting room despite the cat and the bird.  Good thing I wasn’t there.  Treats though….


Ice cream!  We also heard that our pal, GEOrGE is getting a temporary reprieve from neutering.  He is very happy bout that…so many girls-so little time.

St. Patrick's cover

It’s spring this week here.  Bark at ya later. ~ Indy and Lucy

Spring at Indy and Lucy's

Dogscars 2017: Red Carpet Gala

Tonight ‘marks’ the 2017 red carpet event: the Dogscars.  Although there are many categories:


everydog is looking forward to see who takes a stroll down the

Red Carpet

red carpet to collect the Golden Hydrant.

Golden Hydrant

Predictions are running wild.  Leading the pack in the newcomer category is GEOrGE, the Golden Land Shark.  Is he in it to win it with his action packed documentary: “Dawn Breaks Over LaSalle Bridge” featured here?


GEOrGE’S housemate, Ainsley McKenna, no stranger to the carpet herself, is starring in “Ainsley Meets Dr. Meow”: a blockbuster role exploring the feline intellect.

Ainsley MCKenna and Dr Meow.

 Two Lifetime Achievement awards in memoriam to be given tonight will recognize Ruffles de Scottie and Angus Fala for their vast contributions in the fields of medicine, exploration, and education. They are shown below prior to crossing the Bridge.

Angus Fala in Tulsa

Ruffles de Scottie

Another one to watch is the “Girl vs. Squirrel” series with Ficelle Coutard in the leading role.  We would include the clip but Mom doesn’t know how to get it to FB to here.  Take our word, it’s a fast paced suspense thriller…not to be missed.  See ya at the concession stand. ~  Indy and Lucy

Week In Review


We got mail this week.  First was a Soldier Hedgehog.

Soldiere hedgehog

Of course, Indy loved it.


We also got a lovely Scottie ornament from our friend Barbara Gibson.

Scottie ornament

The sunny days made for some lazy napping.


It felt like spring with the 80s temperatures.  The Bradford Pear tree burst into full bloom; Mom cleaned out the garden beds and Dad raked leaves.

Bradford Pear 2017

Keep It Simple. ~ Indy and Lucy