Spa Day

We had a spa day Sunday so Mom decided on a photo op.


Notice my beard is turning a bit gray.


Everyone says it is very distinguished looking.


Sister has a few gray hairs too.  We are in our 30s in dog years.  Mom said she remembers those as very good years.  BOL!  Bark at you soon. ~ Indy and Lucy

Week In Review

We sure have been getting the April showers.

Oklahoma Rain Storm

When it’s not raining hard, we run outside to make sure the cardinal nest in the rose bush is ok.  Mom said not to do that though.

Cardinal's Nest

So we have just been playing with our toys and telling stories.


Then of an evening, I curl up with Mom while she reads.

Lucy and Mom

Bark at ya soon. ~ Lucy


Door County Scottie Rally 2017


 Anticipated events of the Door County Scottie Rally for hoomans include live and silent auctions.  Michele Geiger-Bronsky, DCSR founder, has already released a preview of a few such as this Scottie Quilt made by the ladies of the Berlin Wisconsin Senior Center and purchased to donate by Allison Rainboth.  Mom can see us cuddled up in this.

DCSR Auction

Some great pieces of the retired/discontinued Noritake ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ pattern will be available also… thanks to Rich and Ellen Frielund.  This china pattern  produced by Noritake between the years 1996 and 1999  is a true collector’s item.

Three custom pet portraits are for auction In Memory of Ruffles de Scottie, our dear friend who crossed the Bridge a year ago after a valiant battle with cancer.  Mom has to blink back tears just writing this; we miss her so much.  The first is by Alaskan artist Kate Wood whose art medium expertise is watercolor.

DCSR Auction

Two portraits in colored pencil by artist Elena Adam are in the auction as well.

DCSR Auction

DCSR Auction

If you cannot be at the rally and would love to bid on the portraits or china, you can personal message a proxy bid to Michele by 5/19.  How fab is that.  Bark at you later. ~ Indy and Lucy


Door County Scottie Rally

Scottie Rally

Can you believe it is almost that time again?

Door County Scottie Rally

It is a pirate theme this year.  Look at what we had made at PrettiestPets on Etsy.

Indy and Lucy Pirate Costumes

Of course,  we will be rocking our kilts too.  It is a Scottish gathering, after all.

Indy and Lucy

We hope to see you at the Rally.  Mom and her friend Mary Lauber are giving a workshop on photographing Scotties.  There’s also a barn hunt…Brother’s fave and they have added Earth Dog this year.  We always get our ultrasounds too.  Lots of cool stuff happening: Scottie trivia, auctions, clicker training, pet psychic, memory stones, pet essential oil use, the parade and getting to see all the great friends we have made.  If you can, be sure to come and look us up. ~ Indy and Lucy

Scottie Rally Barn Hunt, Indy

Happy Easter

This week we received box of treats from our friends Bonnie and Clyde and their staff, Mark Smolders and Wendy van Oers all of whom live in the Netherlands.  Thanks, the meatballs are super yummy.

Treats from Bonnie and Clyde

Mom bought a really cool garden statuary this week too; it’s about my size.

Scottie Garden Statue

We hope everyone has a glorious Easter Sunday if you celebrate and if you don’t just have a grateful day.  Bark at you later. ~ Indy and Lucy

Indy and Lucy

Easter’s On Its Way

It’s that time of year and we are looking for some bunny action.

Indy and Lucy

Mom says it just as well we don’t get any since Brother is quite the hunter and bunnies seem to be determined to come in our yard.


Notice Mom has put a cushion down.  That was too scary last time when my nail caught and I cried.

Lucy 2017

We have an Easter basket filled with all sorts of cute little creatures.


I also have bunnies on my Easter dress.


This is an Easter app from Photo Lab.  They have a bunch of different ones.


So put on your camo and get out on the bunny trail.  See you there. ~ Indy and Lucy


Catchin’ Up

It has almost been a month since we’ve seen you.


Brother is still trying to get my toys.  He also bit a box on the porch and it stuck in his teeth and the roof of his mouth.

The Box

Dad broke a popsicle stick in half, using it to clean between Brother’s teeth therefore freeing it from the roof of his mouth.  Dad learned that in horse dental care.


Our cousin Rhett from Ohio came to see us.  We love him.

Rhett and Lucy

Mom has been sick so she had some time to play with photo apps.  She is better now.


She also did a toy rotation and guess who is back.  That’s right.  Diet Poopsie.


Bark at you later. ~ Indy and Lucy