Always Take the Scenic Route Part 3

On the last leg of our journey, we followed the Great River Road and crossed to Wisconsin at McGreger, Iowa.

Bridge to Prairie du Chien

We cut across Wisconsin on Highway 131 and headed up to Tomah to see our friends Deb Strozewski and Connie Radke.  We stayed at another family operated inn in Tomah called the Lark Inn.  It was a lovely place with a doggie swing.

Indy, Tomah, WI

Deb picked Mom and Dad up and took them to the Hawk High Dairy, Connie’s farm.

Connie's cows, Hawk High dairy, WI

After an interesting tour of the dairy given by Connie’s daughter, lunch was served at Connie’s.  Mom said it was a delightful time.  The next day we continued to our final destination: Fish Creek, our home for the next week.  Woof! ~ Indy and Lucy

Java Hut, Fish Creek, WI

Welcome back to the Blue Horse.

Always Take the Scenic Route Part 2

The Great River Road….

Indy and Lucy, Le Claire, Iowa

We stopped at the lock and dam outside of Le Claire, Iowa to see if we could spot an eagle.  None were flying but we enjoyed watching the pelicans float down the river fishing and then flying back up to do it again.

Pelican fishing on the Mississippi

A visit to Antique Archaeology, home of the tv show American Pickers, is always necessary if you are in the area.  Photo ops required.

Indy and Lucy, Le Claire, Iowa

We have yet to meet Mike, Frank or Danielle but it’s always fun to peek inside.

Antique Archaeology

Following the Mississippi River past Dubuque, we dropped in on the Field of Dreams movie site.

Field of Dreams

Of course, we had to run the bases.

Indy and Lucy, Field of Dreams

Mississippi, McGregor, Iowa

We then headed for one of our favorite towns, Guttenberg, Iowa.  It is a charming place that takes its name from the inventor of movable type, Johannes Gutenberg and is located along the limestone bluffs of Northeast Iowa.  The riverfront limestone buildings were built by German immigrants in mid to late 19th century when the town was sizable and nearly all German.  Our pit stop for the night was The Eagle View Motel.

Eagle View Motel, Guttenberg, Iowa

The Eagle View is a 14 room motel perched on the bluffs overlooking the river and run by Brian Street.

David, Guttenberg, Iowa

What a perfect place to relax and the views of the Mississippi….majestic!

Lucy. Eagle View Motel, Guttenberg, Iowa

Mississippi at Guttenberg, Iowa

Truly an Eagle’s View as we saw them riding the air currents over our heads.

Lucy, Eagle View, Guttenberg, Iowa

We had a marvelous time.  Bark at you later. ~ Indy and Lucy

Always Take the Scenic Route



However, the long cut is our favorite. We do love the two lanes.  For this trip,  Dad made us some window shields out of plastic pallet dividers to keep the sun out.  Mom said it was time to retire the maps.


We spent the morning dodging storms so we didn’t take as scenic a route to head north as previously planned.


Baxter Springs, KS Route 66

Baxter Springs, Kansas is one of our favorite Route 66 towns.

Baxter Springs, KS Route 66

Cameron, Iowa

We stopped in Cameron, Missouri for dinner before reaching Des Moines, Iowa, our first overnight.  That’s a 9 hour day on the road.  We are excellent travel dogs, Mom said. Bark at you tomorrow. ~ Indy and Lucy

Week In Review

The week started out with Brother getting blue ball stuck in his mouth which goes to show most accidents happen in the home.  Remember the cardboard in the teeth?  Geez.


The weather has been rather glorious this week.  We have enjoyed playing in the yard


and catching some rays.


I had to go for my annuals on Friday and I helped Dr. Pokey out by giving my stool sample right there on the exam table.  I think Dad was embarrassed; I couldn’t see what he was texting Mom.  Brother found it very amusing though and blabbed it to everyone.


He’s like that.  Anyway the visit went well.  I might be a pound overweight and I need to have my teeth cleaned even though Dad brushes them all the time.  The Dr said it is very hard to reach those back ones.  We have a busy week ahead.  Bark at you later. ~ Lucy


Believe It or Not

Yesterday we were playing in the yard.  Brother grabbed his blue ball and this happened.


It’s hard to tell because he is pawing at it but the blue ball is stuck in his mouth.  Good Grief, what will he do next.  I heard Mom say that it’s going in the trash.  (Photo by Dad).  Arooo ~ Lucy

Week In Review

We have had plenty of April showers lately.  In Oklahoma, that usually means thunderstorms.  Storms always leave a mess from the pine tree especially if there is any wind; I help with pick up.


Indy watches.


On Saturday it rained all day.


Mom had to shoo us off the porch between downpours to do our business.


Today  the sun is out and I’m off to the spa.  Bark at you later. ~ Lucy


Spa Day

We had a spa day Sunday so Mom decided on a photo op.


Notice my beard is turning a bit gray.


Everyone says it is very distinguished looking.


Sister has a few gray hairs too.  We are in our 30s in dog years.  Mom said she remembers those as very good years.  BOL!  Bark at you soon. ~ Indy and Lucy