Life on the Mississippi

As the sun rose on Dubuque, we set out to explore the Mississippi river towns of Galena and Guttenburg, one in IL and the other in Iowa.  First stop: Galena, IL.

Galena, IL

It a quaint town with a narrow main street lined with shops of all kinds.  It reminds me of Eureka Springs, AR without the steep hills.  This is the real reason for our visit, however.

Grant's home

The home/museum of the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S Grant.  We went on to follow the Great River Road north to Guttenburg, IA which we didn’t see yesterday because of the missed turn in Prairie du Chien.

Mississippi barges at Guttenburg, Iowa

We had a picnic on the banks and watched the barges ferry their goods up and down the river.

Guttenburg on the Mississippi

We are tired pups tonight.  See ya tomorrow. ~ Indy and Lucy


Mississippi barges

Mississippi barges

The Great River Road

What a day!  We left Lacrosse and struck out for the Great River Road.

Road Trip

We learned about Chief Win-no-shik, a notable chief of he Winnebagos, trains tooted their horns for us,

Train along the Mississippi

and we saw barges making their way down the Mississippi.

Mississippi Barge

  We stopped at a little town named Lynxville.


Here at the Dawg House, Mom and Dad had some fish and chips while we watched 15 or more bald eagles fly across the river to the bluffs behind us. It was the treat of the day.  We missed the turn at Prairie du Chien so we continued on to Dubuque, IA.  Our loft is in the refurbished warehouse/mill area of Dubuque.  It is pretty cool.


The window overlooks the town.


The floors are concrete and a lot of the walls are brick.



We ran all over the place exploring.



We are staying here a couple of days.  No tellin what’s tomorrow. ~ Indy and Lucy

The Looong Road Home

Door County

Door County was clothed in its finest as we left.  We traveled to Green Bay and went west following Highway 29 across the top of the state.  It was a pretty route fraught with farms and barns with barn quilt patterns.

Barn Quilts

Our friend, Michele Bronsky, suggested we stop at a place called Nueske’s and we are sooo glad we did.


We opened the car door and smelled bacon.  The cherry wood smoked was the favorite as were the brats and root beer for the road.



A neat pit stop, and then we were off.

Indy and Lucy

We followed the Great River Road down the side of the state:  Mississippi River on one side and bluffs on the other.

Great River Road

Great River Road

We spent the night in Lacrosse, Wisconsin on one of the Mississippi River Canals.

LaCrosse, WI

LaCrosse, WI

We continue our travels home tomorrow.  Please join us. ~ Indy and Lucy

Out and About Door

Today was a shopping day.  We stopped to buy honey crisp, sweet tango apples and took some pics as well.

Indy and Lucy

Wineries were next on the list.

Harbor Ridge Winery, Door County

Autumn continues to advance on Door as we continued on our errands to

Door County

Door County fall

pick up a few items in town,

Fish Creek, WI

a visit to the dock of the bay,

Indy and Lucy

and then it was time for dinner.

Lure, Sister Bay, WI

Lure, Sister Bay

Lure, Sister Bay, WI


Later it was nighty night for little Scotties and their pawrents. ~ Indy and Lucy


Flowers, Goats, and Graffiti

We left our message as did other guests of the Linger Longer before we went on our way.  See ours?

Budda at lake house

Check out was 10 so we had quite a bit of time before our check in at 3 in Fish Creek.  Notice the fog this morning on our drive to the other side of the peninsula.

Door County

Mom and Dad wanted to stop at the White Gull Inn for breakfast.

White Gull Inn

Everyone’s favorite seems to be the stuffed cherry French toast but Dad always orders the “Nice Guy Hash” because he is and Mom orders different things as long as they come with hash browns which are the size of a small iron skillet.  They are not known to be calorie conscious on vacation.  BOL.

White Gull Inn

Door County

The fall decorations around Fish Creek are lovely and the leaf color change continues.  Mom says the camera does not show how beautiful it is to the eye.

Door County fall

We saw the goats on the roof again at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay.


Then we ended up here.  You know what this means.  Yep, bath appointment at Pet Pleasures for tomorrow.

Pet Pleasures

Before we left home Dad designed a stencil in order to put our names on the warehouse/art gallery on Anderson dock in Ephraim.  We brought it along with our little paint pots from Home Depot and were soon in business.

Anderson Dock

Here is a picture of the dock taken last spring.

Anderson Dock, Ephraim, Door County

I saw a golden doddle and gave him the barking of his life.  His parents did not have him on a leash.  Tsk. Tsk.


Mom went to the Tannenbaum store.  She can’t resist a Christmas shop.


She didn’t buy anything there but sprung for a duck head walking stick at the Rusty Rabbit.  We would show it to you but it’s wrapped for traveling.  Totally awesome, though.  That was our day; hope you enjoyed it. ~ Indy and Lucy

Leaf Peeping in Door County

Indy and Lucy

We started out at our lake house and continued up Whitefish Bay Road.

Whitefish Bay Road

The fall report is that the color change is at 50%.  Everyday we see a difference.

Whitefish Bay Road

We went by our favorite park today: Frank Murphy County Park.

Lots of geese and other ducks were on the water.  We even saw a bald eagle.



It was gorgeous today with mild temps and not so windy to mess up my hair do.

Indy and Lucy

This park is never crowded and is a great place for Scotties to walk the beach.

Frank Murphy County Park

The trees along the county road are experiencing change too.

Road by the Shallows

We stopped at an apple orchard today also.

Door apples

Door apples

Ellison Bay

We continued to Ellison Bay and the ferry road.

Road to the ferry

Tomorrow we have to move from the lake house to the Java Hut, our blue cottage in Fish Creek.  Big storms are predicted too.  It’s all in an adventure. ~ Indy and Lucy

Another Door Day

The day began with a beautiful sunrise.

Whitefish Bay Sunrise

I love wave watching; it is my favorite thing.  Sister pays no notice of them.


Later we went into Sturgeon Bay, a town  at the entrance to the Door County peninsula and by far the largest one.  It is a lovely place filled with historic homes, beautiful neighborhoods, and remarkable architecture.  The shops were all decked out for Halloween.


We also stopped by the fireboat.


This is the bridge that goes over the shipping canal linking the peninsula with the rest of Wisconsin.

Sturgeon Bay Bridge

By the time we were finished shopping, the day had turned gray.

Whitefish Bay

The wind grew stronger and the fog rolled in.  Another Door Day comes to a close. ~ Indy and Lucy

Week In Review

So much has happened in a week: Buddy Holly revisited, old friends, new friends, old sights, new sights; it has been a grand one.  Yesterday we drove up the eastern side of the island to check out some areas we have never seen but first we stopped at Pet Expressions to say HI to Verna.

Pet Expressions

We took a scenic drive to Rowley’s Bay.  Rowley’s was once a prosperous logging area with a sawmill, post office and small hotel.  A resort is still there.  The area offers unspoiled wilderness for nature lovers.  The first French missionary came ashore here in 1686 and here we are 330 years later.

Rowley's Bay Resort

Indy and Lucy


 We stopped at Door County Bakery, a favorite in Sister Bay.  It is the home of the Corsica loaf, a one of a kind bread found only there.  Delish!

Corsica loaf

I waited outside with Brother.


Last night we had a full moon.

Full moon Lake Michigan

Halloweenie, don’t ya think?  Hope you have enjoyed the adventures. ~ Indy and Lucy