Dad’s Dilemma

You remember Dad’s foot was hurting before we went to Houston for Mom’s checkup.  He went to see the doctor when we got home.  He has a fracture in his foot.

Lucy and Dad

Dr. Pokey gave him a huge steroid shot in his foot and he has to wear a boot till Oct.  Indy thinks he is a therapy dog.


Poor Dad.  Good thing though…the Daddy Leg Lounge (recliner) is open all day long. ~ Indy and Lucy


Mom had to visit MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX for her  August check up.  Our visit was a week before the arrival of Hurricane Harvey.


We overnighted in Dallas on the way down.  Dad’s foot was hurting so we just had dinner and went to Three Dog Bakery for some treats.


Upon arrival in Houston, we had dinner with friends: Sus, Leah and Barbara (Rick and Dad not pictured).  Tests were early the next am.  Those are always so draining that Mom has to come back and nap.  I assisted.


That evening we met Leah’s new baby: DeeDee.  She’s super cute.

Leah and DeeDee

Waiting for results the next day, Mom sees this.  Texas has style now.


The scans were good and we started home.


Our hearts are with the people of Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey. ~ Indy and Lucy

Big D, Double L, AS

We enjoyed the time our friends spent with us in Oklahoma.  I got petted a lot by Mark.

Mark and Indy

We then went to Dallas to see them off : Mark and Wendy to Australia and Lesley and Bill to Pennsylvania.  First, there were some more good times to be had.  We met DD and Diane at Pappadeaux for dinner..this is Mom and DD.

Mom and DD

Mia Dia from Scratch turned out to be a fave too.

Mia Dia Dallas

The Dad


Vacations come to an end but we already have plans in place for next year.

Wendy, Mark, Bill, and Lesley, Indy and Lucy

We love you guys. ~ Indy and Lucy


The Blue Whale

As soon as Mark, Wendy, Bill, Lesley arrived in late June, we made our visit to the Blue Whale to deliver our rocks.

Blue Whale

The whale is located about 60 miles north of us and is a Route 66 icon.  People from all over the world visit daily.  The rocks we painted have our location.  Wendy’s rocks are actually from Bali.

Blue Whale

Blue Whale Route 66

Blue Whale

Note we are absent from the pictures because we were home helping Dad get the hamburgers ready.

Mark @ Blue Whale

Till next year, Blue. ~ Friends of the Blue Whale

Where In The World Is Indy and Lucy?

Our staff (Mom) has been on vacation from writing all summer.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience.  Hmmm.  Where did we leave off?  Oh yeah, we had just returned from Door County.  Here we are on our final day.

Door County

Four of these people would eventually turn up in Oklahoma:  Wendy, Mark, Lesley and Bill.  When we returned home our flowers were blooming.


Home Sweet Home

Mom totally loves the wine cooler she bought at Gills Rock Pottery in Door.

LucyLantana is the perfect plant for Oklahoma summer heat and humidity.

Rock for Blue Whale

Mom also painted our rock to take to the Blue Whale when everyone gets here.  More catch up later.  We have missed you guys. ~ Indy and Lucy


Hot Weather Precautions

During the summer where I live(Oklahoma), the temps are hot and humid.  Mom plans our outdoor time for early am and even then she restricts it.  Well, me anyway because she says I don’t know when to stop.


Here’s a list of things to watch for just in case.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too. ~ Lucy


Ahoy Mates!

The theme for the Door County Scottie Rally for 2017 was a pirate one.  Mom did not take enough pics to adequately show you our pirates costumes so we did a front porch photo op when we got back.

Indy and Lucy

You’re smiling, right?

Indy and Lucy

You can see my vest better in this one.  Kelli Lauber of PrettiestPets on Etsy makes our vests/tutus for us.


No, Sister, a poop deck does not mean that.  ~ Indy

Pirate Talk