This is a replacement for the other blog entry.  For some reason, the pictures never loaded.  The wifi signal was very weak and Mom finally gave up on trying to post.

Indy and Lucy

One of the first things we do upon arrival is check out all our favorite spots such as the marina in Fish Creek.


Since we were in Fish Creek, we paid Sunset Beach a call.

frank Murphy County park,Door County

Frank Murphy county park close to Egg Harbor is practically deserted at the time of year we visit.


I keep on high alert anyway.


Sister, not so much.

Indy and Lucy, Door County, WI

On our way to Charlie’s Smokehouse in Gills Rock for some smoked salmon, we thought this looked like a good place for a tea party.

Indy and Lucy, Anderson Dock

Naturally, we stopped at Anderson Dock in Ephraim and

David, Indy and Lucy, Egg Harbor

the marina in Egg Harbor.

Indy and Lucy, Baileys Harbor, WI

We always take a walk on the pier at Baileys Harbor,

Lucy, Baileys Harbor, WI

sit on a bench and look back at the village.

Baileys Harbor, WI

Great way to spend a day, huh?  Bark at you later. ~ Indy and Lucy