Whippety Wood is a place to celebrate magic and nature.  Its inhabitants include whimsical faeries, curious Scotties, characters like Harcourt Hedgehog, Bertie Badger, Martin Mole, Lochie Loon and a host of others.  A visit to Whippety Wood is always a true adventure.


We loved riding the train to get there.  Everyone put out the red carpet for us.  Some our other friends have experienced daring and exciting escapades in the Whippety  too.  Logan our friend from Brazil assisted the badgers in their search for a special Scottie; Mac, practicing his stealth skills, stumbled upon a dancing fairy; Sammy and Teddy got to look into a crystal ball and the little Cairn terrier, Wheezy, helped to save the baby seals.

Some Scotties live in the Whippety Wood.

Casper and Holly are waiting where the rainbow ends for their loved ones.  All the frogs and mice scurry to find them the choicest treats.

Thanks, Pamela Harden, for the enchanted expedition into the extraordinary world of Whippety Wood. ~ Indy and Lucy