imageJumping is a behavior that can be traced back to our wolf brothers and is continued with current day dogs.  Dogs jump for different reasons: a treat, a toy, a closer look but we are definitely sending a message.  For me, I jump for joy.  On the other hand, Sister does a ‘Me, Me’ jump.  She wants the attention focused on her.  “Ignore, Brother.  Put the book down.  Say hi to me first.  Give me the treat,” you see what I mean.

imageMost of my jumping is exploration oriented.  I have been known to get on the dining table but that is actually climbing because I had to use a chair.  Bathtubs hold an attraction for me so I jump in them when given opportunity.

imageJumping from place to place is just plain fun.  I don’t suppose you’ve ever done anything like this. ~ Indy