imageWe got our monthly delivery from Barkbox this week.  It had the cutest little pair of boxing gloves in it; I immediately loved them and, of course, Brother did too.  We are like this with any toy.  I don’t care if there were ten of them; we always want the toy that the other is playing with.  It’s the Scottie way, Mom says.imageI have fun playing keep away from Brother but it is exhausting as you can see.

imageI hope you have enjoyed the highlights of our first three years.  Our posts will be current now with an occasional flashback.  They will mostly be a overflow from our Facebook page, The Adventures of Indy and Lucy, with additional pictures or a more lengthy commentary.  Mom hopes to include some information pertinent to the Scottie population. Our friend, Ruffles, often posts educational articles which Mom finds invaluable. It would be fun to introduce you to some of our friends too. Please visit often to see what’s happening.. ~ Lucy