Meet and Growl

With our Illinois friends (Catman, Mama, Ainsley, hooman Sis) visiting Oklahoma, a second Meet and Growl was in order.  It was a beautiful spring day in the 70s so everybody and their dog were out.


This is Jonsey (Emma Arnett and Paul Zardus)

Cayman and Ainsley

Ainsley and Catman

Gary and Indy

Gary and me (Indy)

Lucy and her Dad

Last year, Sister did fine but Saturday the sheer number of dogs was just too much.  Oh and she hates to be sniffed. There was a growl right out of the gate. She spent the afternoon on Dad’s lap in protective custody and still managed to hook it up even from there.  She has requested that some sequins be sewn on her nose accessory, however.  I ran all over the park and had the best time; I loved it. Here are some of our friends and a cute baby Corgi. ~ Indy