After the tests at MDA Mom had wanted to go to the Museum of Natural Science but a nap got in the way.  She did rally for Valentine’s trip to Pappadeaux though.  Yes, they ate there 4 times in two different cities but hey, that kind of menu is not available in landlocked Oklahoma.

Pappadeaux Houston

Pappadeaux Houston

After the seafood feast, Dad got this: Praline Cheesecake.

Pappadeaux Houston

On Wednesday Mom went to see her radiation oncologist, Dr. Komaki, for test results.  The CT scan showed no sign of recurrent cancer in the area that received radiation 7 years ago.  There is an area of cells they are referring to as hyperplasia which were on the original scan in 2009 but have slightly increased in number since then.  Presently, the cells are too small to even biopsy so they watch them from scan to scan in order to treat if necessary.  We go back in 6 months.

Cell Graphic

After the doctor, we headed back to Dallas.

Sam Houston

See you in August Mr. Houston.

Indy and Lucy

We stayed in the same place we always do.  It was getting a facelift though and we got a new suite on the top floor.

A celebration dinner was in order at; well, you know.

Pappadeaux Dallas

Mom ordered her new fave: Greek salad.

Pappadeaux Dallas

She also tried the grilled shrimp and cheese grits with Andouille sausage and corn in a Creole butter.  Another fave was born.

Pappadeaux Dallas

The next morning we packed our bags for home.

Bridge over Red River

We crossed the Red River entering Oklahoma.  Dad stopped at the Army base in McAlester to look for some boots.  It was a pretty cool place.

Antler Christmas TreeIndy and Lucy

We also want to thank our friend Leah McIntosh for our wonderful cookies and toys when we visited Houston.Presents from Leah

Thanks for keeping our Mom in you thoughts and prayers. ~ Indy and Lucy