Driving Route 66, our destination was Shawnee, Kansas, home of Gillis, Gordon and Stewart Lauber.  Sorry G & G, Mom only has pics of the new boy.

Stewart Lauber

Meet Stewart.  He is pretty cute and pretty nosy.

Indy and Stewart Lauber

But he loved playing chase with me.  Sister?  Well, you know she has a no tolerance policy.

Indy and Stewart Lauber

Stewart lives with his staff, Mary and Larry, outside of Kansas City.

Mary and Stewart Lauber

Later in the evening, the hoomans went to enjoy BBQ at Jack Stack’s BBQ on the Plaza.  Mom said they had something called burnt ends that were very yummy and the cheesy corn was also delish.  This is all hearsay since we saw no evidence of take home containers and cannot verify the yumminess.  The plaza was still in its Christmas splendor.

Kansas City Plaza

After looking at all the lights, they toured some of KC’s places of notable interest.  Many buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Mom and Dad want to come back and visit the WWI Museum for sure.  The next morning we headed back home.

Home to Oklahoma

There’s Will Rogers welcoming us back home.

Indy and Lucy

Until our next road trip…  ~ Indy and Lucy