Indy and Lucy

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed out for Route 66.

Route 66

Route 66, aka Will Rogers Highway, Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was established in 1926 and was one of the original highways within the US Highway System.  Running from Chicago to California, it allowed communities along its path to experience economic relief during depressive times.  Mom and Pop businesses, service stations, restaurants and motor courts all accessible to passing motorists flourished along the route.  Miami, Oklahoma serves as the Gateway into Oklahoma for those traveling the Mother Road.

Coleman Theater, Miami, Ok

The Coleman Theatre Beautiful in Miami opened in 1929 has an exterior of Spanish Colonial Mission-style combined with a Louis XV interior.  Once a vaudeville theater, it still retains the original Wurlitzer pipe organ that played to the likes of Will Rogers, Tom Mix, Sally Rand, and Bing Crosby all who graced its stage.

Waylan's Kuku Burgers, Route 66

Route 66 had its foodie stops too such as this one: Waylan’s KuKu Burgers.  Actually Kuku burger joints were numerous across the Midwest in the 60s; this one is the last survivor.

Route 66, Miami, OK

Mom says the hamburgers and fries are just like ‘the good old days’ whenever that was. 🙂

Waylan's KuKu Burgers, Route 66

Up the road from Miami is Commerce, Oklahoma whose claim to fame is Mickey Mantle, known as the ‘Commerce Comet’, an American professional baseball player regarded by many as the greatest switch hitter in baseball history.

Commerce, Ok

We found a nice park in Baxter Springs, Kansas so we could stretch our doggie legs.

Baxter Springs, Kansas

Baxter Springs, Kansas

Baxter Springs, Kansas

After our stop, it was straight on to Kansas City.  See you there tomorrow.  Glad to have you along. ~ Indy and Lucy