We had a lovely Christmas.  Our Scottie tree although Mom used the small tree was beautiful.

2016 Scottie Tree

We are leaving most decorations up till Sissy gets home Jan. 16th.


We can’t wait.  We also received cards from all our friends for the 2016 Scottie Fridge but for some reason Mom cannot upload the picture.  She has even tried with a new photo.  It just says xscottie fridge and it won’t show the pic.  Just one more reason to dislike Word Press as far as Mom is concerned.

Tulsa store

A friend told Mom about a new store in a city near us.  Its logo is a Scot because the owners have one.  She found a couple of cute Scottie things.

Scottie Find

Scottie Find

If you have any suggestions why our fridge won’t post, let us know.  Safe travels if you are celebrating tonight.  We’ll be in bed by 10…hey, it’s new years somewhere.

Scottie New Year

Love ya. ~ Indy and Lucy