We left our message as did other guests of the Linger Longer before we went on our way.  See ours?

Budda at lake house

Check out was 10 so we had quite a bit of time before our check in at 3 in Fish Creek.  Notice the fog this morning on our drive to the other side of the peninsula.

Door County

Mom and Dad wanted to stop at the White Gull Inn for breakfast.

White Gull Inn

Everyone’s favorite seems to be the stuffed cherry French toast but Dad always orders the “Nice Guy Hash” because he is and Mom orders different things as long as they come with hash browns which are the size of a small iron skillet.  They are not known to be calorie conscious on vacation.  BOL.

White Gull Inn

Door County

The fall decorations around Fish Creek are lovely and the leaf color change continues.  Mom says the camera does not show how beautiful it is to the eye.

Door County fall

We saw the goats on the roof again at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay.


Then we ended up here.  You know what this means.  Yep, bath appointment at Pet Pleasures for tomorrow.

Pet Pleasures

Before we left home Dad designed a stencil in order to put our names on the warehouse/art gallery on Anderson dock in Ephraim.  We brought it along with our little paint pots from Home Depot and were soon in business.

Anderson Dock

Here is a picture of the dock taken last spring.

Anderson Dock, Ephraim, Door County

I saw a golden doddle and gave him the barking of his life.  His parents did not have him on a leash.  Tsk. Tsk.


Mom went to the Tannenbaum store.  She can’t resist a Christmas shop.


She didn’t buy anything there but sprung for a duck head walking stick at the Rusty Rabbit.  We would show it to you but it’s wrapped for traveling.  Totally awesome, though.  That was our day; hope you enjoyed it. ~ Indy and Lucy