Indy and Lucy

We started out at our lake house and continued up Whitefish Bay Road.

Whitefish Bay Road

The fall report is that the color change is at 50%.  Everyday we see a difference.

Whitefish Bay Road

We went by our favorite park today: Frank Murphy County Park.

Lots of geese and other ducks were on the water.  We even saw a bald eagle.



It was gorgeous today with mild temps and not so windy to mess up my hair do.

Indy and Lucy

This park is never crowded and is a great place for Scotties to walk the beach.

Frank Murphy County Park

The trees along the county road are experiencing change too.

Road by the Shallows

We stopped at an apple orchard today also.

Door apples

Door apples

Ellison Bay

We continued to Ellison Bay and the ferry road.

Road to the ferry

Tomorrow we have to move from the lake house to the Java Hut, our blue cottage in Fish Creek.  Big storms are predicted too.  It’s all in an adventure. ~ Indy and Lucy