So much has happened in a week: Buddy Holly revisited, old friends, new friends, old sights, new sights; it has been a grand one.  Yesterday we drove up the eastern side of the island to check out some areas we have never seen but first we stopped at Pet Expressions to say HI to Verna.

Pet Expressions

We took a scenic drive to Rowley’s Bay.  Rowley’s was once a prosperous logging area with a sawmill, post office and small hotel.  A resort is still there.  The area offers unspoiled wilderness for nature lovers.  The first French missionary came ashore here in 1686 and here we are 330 years later.

Rowley's Bay Resort

Indy and Lucy


 We stopped at Door County Bakery, a favorite in Sister Bay.  It is the home of the Corsica loaf, a one of a kind bread found only there.  Delish!

Corsica loaf

I waited outside with Brother.


Last night we had a full moon.

Full moon Lake Michigan

Halloweenie, don’t ya think?  Hope you have enjoyed the adventures. ~ Indy and Lucy