Door County

Map of Door peninsula:  the top arrow is Fish Creek where we stay each spring for the Scottie rally, 2nd arrow is location of the rally and the third is where we are right now.  You can see how easy it is to go up and down and across exploring.


We checked out a state park we have never visited: Potawatomi.  On the map, it is the green area on the right hand side across the shipping canal. It was very pretty but small compared to Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek.


There were many hiking trails and


scenic overlooks.


Color change is just beginning.


The other day we had rain all day.

Rainy day on Lake Michigan

Mom read and we wave watched.

Door County mystery

The fire was cozy too.

Linger Longer

The next day it looked like this.


Mother Nature is amazing, huh?  Don’t know what we are doing today but for sure, we are ‘keeping it simple.’ ~ Indy and Lucy