Prisma, today’s app, is an excellent, easy to use photo editor and special effect app.  It has loads of styles and textures with funny names like #GettUrban, Mononoke, Mondrian and Toyoko.

Indy and Lucy

Contemporary or Classic

Indy and Lucy

Just select photo and filter and the app does the rest.  You can even disable the water mark.  All shades of color can be applied.

Of course, not every filter works on each photo and our little black Scottie faces do present a challenge.  However, it is fun to experiment and sometimes the outcome is marvelous.


Mom and Dad

Indy and Lucy's Mom and Dad

Warning:  Addictive in 30 Seconds

So have some’s definitely a 5 star app and it’s free.  Mom says it is better than some that cost $$$.  Can’t beat that. ~ Indy and Lucy