The summer heat might be restricting our outdoor fun but inside we are having a great time.  Mom rotated the toys so it’s like Christmas again.


Plus she bought some new ones that make delightful noises:  Shark, Mr. Bill, Flea, Woody Woodpecker….

We received a couple from our friend, Kim Siegfried too.  We started off the week with a spa day and now sport new shorter dos for summer.


Mom decided where the picture that Penny and the Count’s  folks brought us from Australia should go.  Penny’s mom took a picture of us to Bali and had it painted on canvas there.  It has been secured under the glass top of our coffee table instead of the wall.   We love it there.

Indy and Lucy

Finally, the garden is blooming with lilies, roses, coneflowers, lantana, and hummingbird mint and tomatoes. 🙂  Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. ~ Indy and Lucy