Installment Ten

Every year we visit Anderson Dock in Ephraim.  There has been a dock here since 1858 when Norwegian immigrants constructed the first one to aid in exporting local products such as cedar and salted fish.

Anderson Dock, Ephraim, WI

Mom loves to takes pictures here because the old warehouse now the Hardy Gallery is such a colorful backdrop.


Indy and Lucy

This fall Indy and Lucy will be among the names you see.  See how snoopy we are.

Indy and Lucy

We like to take one day and drive around the peninsula, go to our favorite places, check for changes, here a sniff, there a sniff.  In looking for the place we are going to rent this fall, we stumbled on this.

Door County  Barn

Love the barn quilt patterns but often the barns are too far from the road to photograph without a telephoto lens.  Remember, Mom only has an IPhone.

Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours

Mom and Dad took another boat ride around the Fish Creek area and Peninsula State Park.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Peninsula State Park, WI

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse… one of the 11 in Door County that have saved countless lives and guided ships to safety.

Limestone bluffs of Peninsula Park, Fish Creek, WI

The limestone cliffs and caves of Peninsula Park are part of the Niagara Escarpment, a geological formation most famous as the cliff over which the Niagara River plunges at Niagara Falls, for which it is named.  Cottage Row, exclusive Fish Creek realty, could be viewed on the way back to harbor.  Often called Millionaire’s Row, this strip of shore side has been one of Door County’s most preferred addresses for the past 100 years when Chicago leading tycoons, magnates, and robber barons left their grand mansions on Prairie Avenue and established equally elaborate ones for summer on the shores of Green Bay.

Cottage Row, Fish Creek, WI

The harbor at Fish Creek

Indy and Lucy

Sunset viewing always gathers a crowd in Door County.  This one is from the Shallows Resort in Egg Harbor.

Sunset at the Shallows, Door County


Hope you have enjoyed a day in Door with us.  ~ Indy and Lucy