Installment One…..

Indy and Lucy

Storms were widespread across the Midwest on the day we were scheduled to leave.  At the last minute, we decided to reroute through Kansas in the hopes of getting behind them.  That was not to be.  A steady rain began an hour out and continued for the next 8 hours. Road construction was not our friend and our on ramp in Tulsa was blocked leaving us to search for another way…in the rain.  Iowa proved to be a non GPS friendly state and after some meandering we arrived in Des Moines.

Indy and Lucy

We crashed at the Drury;  Mom had a salad and watched DWTS in a group text with friends and we retired for the night.  The next morning we got an early start at 7am;  the skies were sunny, and we were ready to ride.  Somewhere around Cedar Rapids we lost our way again.  After a tour of Iowa farmlands, we arrived at 11 in Davenport, Iowa just 100 miles from where we started….2 hour loss.  We do have to give kudos to Iowa though for its great roadside parks and the friends we have made who live there.  No other problems were encountered as we crossed Wisconsin and into Door County albeit later then we had planned.


We stay at the Java Hut which is a blue cottage behind the Blue Horse Cafe on main street in Fish Creek.  It was good to be back.  Mom and Dad went for burgers at the Bayside Tavern ( a new added favorite for the year) which was just up the street.  Sister and I kept watch for chipmunks. ~ Indy and Lucy  #roadencountersofathirdkind #discoveriowa #bluehorsecafe #baysidetavern #doorcounty #visitfishcreek