Duff, the host

We love to visit Duff and his pawrents, DD and Diane Lewis.

Patio at Diane and DD's

He has such a great yard.  See my tail (Indy).  Squirrel hunting.

Frankie and Billy

Our friends, Frankie and Billy ( Sus Peterson’s boys), were also intrigued by the planter.  Rumors were that a rodent of sorts lived there.

Lucy and David

Sister would not give the fetch game up so she had time out on Dad’s lap.  Mom said that no balls could be thrown because of last year’s incident.  So being the yard helper that she is, she managed to find a stick or two.


Cocktails were served on the patio for Scottie peeps.


The tablescape for dinner was a Diane work of art.

Diane's table


Dinner at Diane and DD's

It was almost a shame to eat that beef bourguignon. NOT.

Dining at Diane and DD's

The party favors were incredible: baby bundts from Nothing Bundt’s Cakes, Scottie bags of popcorn, and travel blankets and pillows.

Nothing but Bundt cakes

Popcorn for travel

Travel blankets and pillows from DD and Diane Lewis

Indeed, it was a perfect evening.  ~ Indy and Lucy