Remember in February when we told you about Mom’s favorite jewelry store, Rustic Cuff.  When the spring line showcased after Easter, a new item was launched: Rustic Ruff, it’s a cuff( collar) for dogs.

Indy/Rustic Ruff

Ours are in red and silver.  The tag has our names with a paw print(front)and the RC emblem on the back.  There is a crown available;  you know who wanted that on hers but Mom did not want to make her worse than she already is so she did not get it. There is also a paw print on the collar as well as the Rustic Cuff insignia.  Rustic Cuff is engraved on the buckle and RC on the keeper.

Indy's Rustic Cuff dog collar


Gorgeous, huh?  Jill Donovan, Rustic Cuff owner, pays such attention to detail

Indy and Lucy

BOL….we need a trim.


There is a paw print cuff you can special order for humans.  Mom reminded us that Mother’s Day was coming up in May. She’s like that.  Have a joyful Sunday out there. We love ya. ~ Indy and Lucy #feeling the glam #rusticcuff #rusticruff