There is a lot to get ready for this trip.  We have to take our x pens, chairs for our folks, a cart to pull it in, not to mention all this stuff.  We have all sorts of calming solutions like chews, sprays, and essential oils  for car rides or unusual situations.  For our entertainment, Mom has some yummy chew sticks and a few new toys.  Our polka dot life jackets for our ferry ride.  Did you notice our new collars with cherries on them?  Door County has more than 2500 acres of cherry orchards.  I hope we can see some blooms this year.  Regardless, we will wear our collars in celebration of it.  Gotta bring our raincoats in case of you know what.  We take two sets of kilts.  Mom can’t find one of the Red Stewart collars.  Have we mentioned food and treats?  Wonder where they are putting their stuff? ~ Indy and Lucy