It’s been another busy week.


I have been overseeing decorating.  Sister has helped.  BOL.



Cards are coming in for the Scottie Fridge

2016 Scottie cards

as well as wonderful gifts from our friends.

Gifts from Sir Achille

Gifts from Sir Achille

These are from our Patricia Bonnel and Sir Achille, our friends in Belgium. The ornaments, personalized shopping bag, and Christmas card have Swarovski crystals on them and were made by Gaby Jans, Patricia’s friend.


Penny and the Count sent us an ornament, card and towel from Australia.  Very cool.


Finally Mom found a topper for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree; it is actually is an ornament she bought at Pier One.  Once again the ugliest Christmas tree has blossomed into a beauty.


Getting our holiday on. ~ Indy and Lucy