Halloween is just a day away.  Remember our Halloweens of yore.  Here is our first Halloween back in 2012(pre IPhone).  I was a Lucyfer and Brother was a sailor.  He looked so pitiful in the pictures that Mom refused to post them.


Our second Halloween, we were on a camping trip in Arkansas.  Mom, discouraged by our first Halloween costume reactions, opted for us wearing our orange harnesses in the spirit of the day.


By 2014, I was Halloween ready.  Brother not so much.  I was a cute little skeleton and Brother was a sad little bat, pitiful really.


Mom kept wracking her brain to find something comfortable for Brother.  She decided that since he tolerated his harness, a vest might be the answer.  Of course, mine had a tutu attached.


Indy and Lucy/2015

We have had several holiday harnesses since then.  Tomorrow look for a couple of….well, see you on Halloween. ~ Indy and Lucy