We are home.  The slow internet and difficulty in uploading photos finally did Mom in.  We are pretty sure she used up her limit and patience as well.  ATT was not the service of choice in the north so any correspondence here and on FB was a trying task at best.  Here’s what happened after Dubuque.

Mississippi in LeClaire

Continuing to follow The Great River Road, we reached another destination: Le Claire, Iowa.  We again visited Antique Archaeology, home to the television show, American Pickers.  While we have never seen any of them, we do enjoy the past revisited.

Pickers in LeClaire

Antique Archaeology

We went on the Lock and Dam #14 to check out eagles and met up with Le Claire friend, Connie Kroger, and Scotties:  Maggie and Annie.

Connie, Maggie and Annie

Kansas was our next on the list.  This is the KCMO skyline driving to Shawnee, KS.

Kanas City, KS

Where Gordon and Gillis Lauber along with pawrents, Mary and Larry live.  Mary had Mom a birthday lunch( yes, she had her birthday on the road) and we had fun in the back yard.

Gordon and Gillis Lauber

That’s Gordon and Gillis.

Indy and Lucy at the Lauber's

This is us on the table.  BOL!  It was a short but great visit.

Gillis Lauber

See the Scottie( Gillis, we think) in the window saying bye. 🙂   Finally: Oklahoma

Route 66, Oklahoma

On Route 66, we dropped in on The Blue Whale.  What an icon.  It used to be a swimming place back in the day.

Indy and Lucy, Route 66, Blue Whale

It has much more character than the waterslides of today.  Simpler times.

Indy and Lucy, The Blue Whate

Thanks for traveling along on our adventures.  Here’s to:  Keeping It Simple.  ~Indy and Lucy