Door County

Door County was clothed in its finest as we left.  We traveled to Green Bay and went west following Highway 29 across the top of the state.  It was a pretty route fraught with farms and barns with barn quilt patterns.

Barn Quilts

Our friend, Michele Bronsky, suggested we stop at a place called Nueske’s and we are sooo glad we did.


We opened the car door and smelled bacon.  The cherry wood smoked was the favorite as were the brats and root beer for the road.



A neat pit stop, and then we were off.

Indy and Lucy

We followed the Great River Road down the side of the state:  Mississippi River on one side and bluffs on the other.

Great River Road

Great River Road

We spent the night in Lacrosse, Wisconsin on one of the Mississippi River Canals.

LaCrosse, WI

LaCrosse, WI

We continue our travels home tomorrow.  Please join us. ~ Indy and Lucy