The weather was quite cool in Wisconsin this morning.

Indy and Lucy

It was a glorious fall day though, perfect for a visit to a cranberry farm.


Our friend Debbie invited us for a personal tour of her cranberry bogs since she knew we would be traveling her way.  It was a wonderful time.  We made all kinds of new friends.

Connie and Seamus

Connie and Seamus

Kathy, Tiffany and more Scotties

Kathy, Tiffany and more Scotties

From the cranberry bog

Our parents had an informative tour of the bogs.

Wolf Tracks

Saw wolf tracks

Deer Tracks

and deer tracks

Wild Turkeys in Wisconsin

Wild turkeys too.

Ocean Spray

We had a great lunch of a big pot of soup, homemade dill pickles, cranberry relish; it was all delish.  Cake, did we mention cake?

Lucy and her Dad

It was a memorable day.  Thank you Debbie for welcoming us into your home and Connie for getting us there.  Your hospitality was much appreciated ~ Indy and Lucy