We had a little rain this week.  It was so needed; our trees and grass were turning brown from lack of it and  no sprinkler could revive them.  Of course, Dad had just washed the car.  BOL!


We told some old stories, taunted the cat, took some naps:  the usual Scottie stuff.

Indy and Lucy

The big thing happened this morning though.  We had an…..


This is a map of the state of Oklahoma.  You can see the location of the earthquake in relation to where we live in Henryetta.  It was about 107 miles north and west of us.

Earthquake 2016

At first we felt a slight shaking.  Mom said it was like a washing machine going out of whack during the spin cycle and vibrating the floor.  Then it really started shaking and rattling the dishes in the shelves.  The news said it was a 5.6 and felt all the way from Texas to Missouri.  We took cover.


We are ok and there are no cracks in our walls or anything.  That’s our week in review.  Have a good weekend everybody. ~ Indy and Lucy