Mom has ordered her seeds for next year.  The largest city of any size is 60 miles away so she ordered the seeds online with a company she has previously used.

Indy and Lucy


There are 4 colors of morning glories and one moonflower.  Grandpa Ott came up this year from last year’s seeds.  It is gorgeous.

Grandpa Ott

  She has planted the Heavenly Blue for several years.

Morning Glory

Real Life:

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

She always spreads Moonflowers in with the morning glories. They bloom at night.  Real Life:


She is going to add two new ones this year: Crimson Rambler and Scarlet O’Hara.  See the picture at top.  All you need for glories is a trellis or a fence because they are climbers.  They also like a lot of sun. She does soak the seeds overnight before she plants them to help them on their way.  For now, they will go into the icebox and wait for spring.


Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. ~ Indy and Lucy