Our week has been a busy one.  We had a short visit from our Sissy.  She is changing jobs and moving to Denver.  She will still be in ER but a Trauma 1 hospital.

Indy and Lucy and their Sissy

Notice I am checking out the chips on the counter. BOL.


I love to look out the window.  Mom lowers the recliner in an attempt to avoid accidents. 🙂

Indy and Lucy's Whirlygig

Dad made another whirlygig.  The Scottie is stationary on this one.  Mom is going to paint the Scottie.

Rio 2016

The opening ceremony of the Olympics was impressive.  We are ready to cheer the nations on.


We want to give a thank you to Abby Gardner and her folks for sending us these cool bandanas from Michigan.

Indy and Lucy

Flowers are looking great even though the temps have been 109 F most of the week.

Pink Periwinkles and Picket Fences

We still manage to get some outside play time in the early am.


Have a great weekend.  ~ Indy and Lucy