Our hearts have been heavy this week with the crossing of Mr. Silky over the Rainbow Bridge.  He was definitely a legend in his time.  We are missing him terribly.

While not a quality picture, you can see how much I resemble my dad when he was THE studmaster at Shady Nook. 🙂  Meanwhile, lots of garden stuff going on too.

Scottie garden stone by Larry Lauber

Finally found the perfect spot for the garden stone Larry Lauber made us.  Isn’t it fantastic?  Lantanas are thriving in this hot weather; it is supposed to hit the 100s Fahrenheit this coming week.

For us, it is a holiday weekend: 4th of July, marking the birth of American Independence.  Although we are no longer part of the British Empire, Mom loves everything about it.  She is a true Anglophile…just take a look at her Pinterest boards.  It is a lovely holiday though if you don’t count the firecrackers. BOL…~ Indy and Lucy #feelingthefourth