Mom had thought about this idea but could not decide exactly what it would be. Remember this cream shadow box.  It is now going to house the black Scottie pins.  The material for the inside is a cream linen which will definite showcase the other pins as they tended to disappear into the black velvet.


Just the outside frame will be red; the rest will remain cream.  It’s color blocked.  Dad is taking it to the glass shop today to have a piece cut for the front.  It was missing when Mom got it.  Shadowboxes can be found at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or any framing place.  Check out estate sales for old picture frames too.  You can repurpose them into many things.  Mom saw several of them grouped into a towel rack on DIY.com; it was pretty neat.  She has two frames she picked up last spring; she wants to turn one into a magnet holder…Scottie magnets, of course. 🙂 ~ Indy and Lucy