First, Dad’s toes are somewhat better.  GrandPaPa’s shower is getting fixed; naturally the tile and wall had to be torn out to get to it.  Mother bought a hard drive for $60 and the computer dr. put it in for $45 so that saved a bunch for now.  It is Windows 7 and Intel 3 but for its use…just fine.  Dad did get the black velvet when he went to see GrandPaPa yesterday so the frame should come together quickly.  I love that my vantage place is back again.


It is a perfect place to view the cats cross the street to our yard.


I sound the alarm at the first sign of fur; it puts them in a state of confusion.  Never enough to turn around and go back to their own yard though.  Cats are some of the biggest threats birds face in the wild; they kill like 1 billion a year and the cats around here are outdoor cats so we have a definite problem.  It’s kitty time too if you know what I mean.  More cats!

~ Lucy