It has been a busy one for sure.  Mom has been occupied with her projects.  I have helped with yard clean up.  We have had no snow; on the other hand, it has been almost 70 degrees. Everyone has read “Wheels in the Wood” at least twice.  I think Dad read it three times.  Although we changed our morning routine, some things were as usual:  fetch, treats, play, nap, bark….you know, ‘the Scottie life.’  Then it happened, Brother was struck with a foul-smelling case of flatulence.  It was so bad that Mom ran from the room, fired up the diffusers with purification and lemon and pulled her t-shirt over her nose.  It continued throughout the day and night.  After much discussion, the pawrents decided it had to be the new treats so into the trash they went.  Let’s  hope he is better today.  Y’all have a good weekend now. ~ Lucy