Well, you can Goggle us and find us lots of places.  We began as a public page on Facebook.  Our first friends were Angus Fala, Ruffles and Skyler Braveheart.  We occasionally spill over to our Mom’s page (Trisha Jones) as well.  The Adventures of Indy and Lucy on FB  is still our primary source of communication.  Yes, we do have a Twitter account ( Indy and Lucy @ trishalynn1025) and regular tweets appear because they transfer from FB or WordPress.  Mom does not keep up with that account very well.  She says you have to pick and choose.  You can also find us on Pinterest (Trisha Jones and board name: Indy and Lucy).  She pins selected pictures of us there.  You are welcome to Pin them.  She also has other boards devoted to Scotties, her favorite color, places she loves, the UK Royal family and many things that interest her.  Oh yeah, we are on Instagram. You can locate us at INDYLUCY.  It is a place for chosen pictures too.  A couple of months ago, we started this blog (something Mom said she would never do) but primarily as a way to have more detailed information on record.  Who knows what she might do with it.  Anyway, we have met fabulous people, had great times, good laughs and would not trade it for anything.  So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by. ~ Indy and Lucy