There are many well-known dog breeds but the Scottie is instantly recognizable except to the misinformed who occasionally confuse us with a schnauzer.  Our iconic shape is on quilts, purses, jewelry, and dishware to name only a few.  Really, what kid wanted to be the shoe in a Monopoly game?image

Presidents found Scotties an ideal dog;  Barney Bush displays our quirky temperament here..  FDR’s Fala  had his own editorial cartoon series entitled “Mr. Fala of the White House”.


Movie stars loved Scotties.

Bette Davis, Shirley Temple, Ali McGraw and Humphrey Bogart were all Scottie fans.


Rue McClanahan of the ‘Golden Girls’ had a Scottie named Harrod.


This beautiful lady was famous in her own right.  R.I.P. Sadieimage

 Mom thought this a great picture even though to her knowledge David Bowie did not have a Scottie.image

Mom’s darling duo: us!

 Love ya. ~ Indy and Lucy